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Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: ONLINE

Do you want amazing new things to happen in 2023?

Then set the stage in your home or office with simple yet powerful feng shui principals. Join LuAnn Cibik to learn what the energy of Rabbit Year is all about and how to prepare your home. Come prepared with an idea of one thing you want to achieve (or habit you want to break ) in 2023.

Cost: $10

LuAnn Cibik has taught feng shui and space clearing certification programs worldwide, since 2003. Her clients have been some of the top new age publishers and authors. LuAnn is a contributing author to the bestselling book, Simply Color for Everyday Living, and creator of space clearing and Forest Therapy certification courses. When not making feng shui magic, she enjoys just sitting on the back porch and listening to the trees. Her true passion is helping people find the magic they want in life!