Start date: November 7, 2022
End date: November 28, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: ONLINE
Enchanted Living Community

Join the Enchanted Living community for a month of  Calling In Abundance!

How can you call more and more abundance into your life? Abundance doesn’t have to mean money, it can be anything you want to feel abundant. The energy of abundance and being open to receive means embracing divine feminine energy.

  • Prepare for Abundance: Work on clearing the blockages to abundance, both in the physical realm as well as your thoughts, and habits.
  • Step into the energy of the Divine Feminine: Shifting from the energy of action and force, to the energy of relaxation and receiving. Discover which Goddess supports you right now
  • It is Happening: The magic of acting as if, changing your words to create abundance, and secret magical steps for abundance
  • Feng shui tips for Abundance: stones, crystals, bagua tips and just plain old manifestation magic from the law of attraction


Enjoy the FOUR 30 minute lectures anytime, and also join us for the Monday evening LIVE ZOOM at 6pm