Certification Programs at Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony School has been offering certifications in various specialties since 2004. LuAnn Cibik, the Master Teacher and Educator has traveled the world in offering training, and has also had students come to her from South Africa, the UK, japan, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Finland and Australia, in addition to those all across the USA.


Her in person courses are held as inmitate events, to provide the best in training, so that each student gains what they wanted out of the course. Recently these same intimate courses have been translated to be online, without losing the personalized attention. Class sizes are always limited.

Graduates of Inner Harmony School

There are many wonderful graduates of Inner Harmony School. They may people people you wish to work with, knowing that they have been trained by LuAnn.

Private Training

Private education and even certification is possible. if you don’t see a course on the calendar that fits your needs, please email LuAnn to discuss the possibilities