LuAnn Cibik

Master Educator of Interior Alignment(R)
Soul Coaching(R) Master Trainer
Red Lotus Mystery School Practitioner
Fashion Feng Shui(R) Practitioner
Gateway Dreaming Practitioner & Mentor
Master Oracle Card Reader & Mentor
Linn Method Clutter Clearing Practitioner & Mentor
Level One Sound Healer
Medical Qigong Practitioner
Coulour Therapeutics for the Home Practitioner
President of Inner Harrnony, Inc

Hi And Welcome!

I’m delighted that you are visiting my website!  I believe it’s no accident that you are here… and I’m delighted that we are connecting, in this energy world of the internet! You are visiting my ‘virtual office’ and I hope you feel a sense of peace just stopping by!

I’m passionate about creating harmony in the world. As a Libra, it’s all about beauty and balance, peace and harmony~ So I left the corporate world 20 years ago, and started my own business, Inner Harmony!

Becoming the creator of Inner Harmony Inc. was a part of a long journey. I was always experimenting with color and rearranging my room as a child. Growing up, I was always intrigued with astrology, oracle cards, and the world of the metaphysical, as well as art and design. I’m blessed that I can incorporate all of these into my work. But, I decided to tale the safe route out of college and become an IT professional. I had over 20 years in the Information Technology field; for both small companies and large healthcare organizations. I loved my job, but the day came where I knew that I wanted to offer so much more, and really follow my passions in life. I started Inner Harmony, and never looked back!

How did I get here? The journey to become an Interior Alignment® Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner and then Master Educator began in 1999. I continued to add to my knowledge base with a Holistic Color Therapeutics for the Home certification from IBIS and certified Medical Qigong Therapist. I have studied both eastern and western astrology and find it’s interplay of understanding people and how they relate to each other and their environments fascinating. In my learning journey, I have been blessed to have studied aromatherapy with Taoist priest Jeffery Yuen, and it’s uses for both metaphysical as well as medicinal effects.

I love to create art and jewelry and use this love in my Sacred Circles and Healing Art, that incorporates intention, feng shui and shiny things.

I love yoga, t’ai chi, and all forms of dance as well as meditation and teach these whenever I can! I continue to teach at local senior centers, and also incorporate these practices into Forest Therapy experiences that I lead.

I became a Soul Coaching® Practitioner in 2003, and have worked with people all over the world in this unique coaching process that allows you to find and live your dream. I  also certified as  a Gateway Dreaming® Coach, and a Teacher of Essential Space Clearing and Elemental Space Clearing (all through Denise Linn), as a way to continue to blend all the things that fascinate me into ways of assisting other people to dream and create beautiful energy in their lives as well.







My office and classes are based on 88 acres in the rolling hills and woodlands of rural Western Pennsylvania that my husband and I own. Sometimes I hold small intimate certification classes here, but more recently have loved working with people through the power of the internet to teach people where they are, with no travel required!

I’m also proud to have serviced as an active member of the Foundation Council for Interior Alignment® since 2004, and then later the Soul Coaching® Wisdom Council, and currently the Linn Academy council. I love being in support of all the practitioners of these systems and the trainers. I have worked closely with Denise since 2003, and have assisted her at numerous events and certification programs in the US and UK.  I was deeply touched by her dedication of the book ‘Energy Strands’ to me.

I am  a member of International Feng Shui Guild, from 2006-2007 roles of Governance Committee Chair and Technology Director. Inner Harmony School is a recognized school of the guild.

I love to learn and continue to take courses in everything from Solar energy to Sound healing!


Since becoming a consultant and teacher, I have been blessed to have just the best clients and students from all over the world. By using the internet, ZOOM and other tools, I have coached and trained people in Japan, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, San Salvador, Brazil, and other lovely places on Mother Earth. I have I taught certification and enrichment workshops in both Australia and New Zealand, and to some of my favorite places in the USA like Sedona and Monterey. 

My background in Chinese Medicine and philosophy, sound healing, feng shui and the professional business aspects in these alternative fields gives me a unique advantage as a Feng Shui and Space Clearing educator and consultant. By understand the concepts of Chinese medicine and energetic influences on the body, I can help you gain knowledge in valuable exercises and practices for building your own chi and developing chi sensitivities.  In feng shui, the art of creating your sacred soul space is about using all your senses to create a space to live and love. It is also the same reasons that Forest Therapy is such a profound healer and rebalancer.

When you are looking for a teacher, coach or a consultant you know instinctually who the ‘right one’ is for you.

I hope I have given you some insight to my background and loves, and perhaps we have a lot in common!

I hope we get to chat. I look forward to helping you find Your Inner Harmony!

Conference 2019 Ancient Secrets
interior Alignment conference 2007

“I have known LuAnn for many years, and have been fortunate to be a student, peer and friend.

As a teacher, she shares such a breadth and depth of knowledge, which is impressive in and of itself, but she does it in a way that allows her students to absorb the information into the core of their being. When you learn from LuAnn, you are changed for the better.

As a peer, she is an inspiration. I continue to be awed by her business acumen and the innovative ideas she brings to any situation.

As a friend, I have felt the kindness and compassion first hand that is at the core of who she is. Her desire, willingness and ability to help people succeed and grow has changed my life for the better.”

Bill Schwingel, MTIA

Owner and Master Teacher, Feng Shui-24

From the book Energy Strands:

“This book is dedicated to LuAnn Cibik… My life is so much brighter because you are in it”

Denise Linn

Author and Visionary

“LuAnn is a wonderful Interior Alignment® teacher, not only because her knowledge and wisdom in the subject is second to none, but because she made it so simple for me to grasp, understand and then apply to my life.

Through working with LuAnn, my life has changed around in so many ways, and that was just in the first course!  I recommend LuAnn and Inner Harmony as the best place for your Interior Alignment® training!”

Terry Bowen

Mystic, Medium and Soul Coaching Trainer

“I learned so much again this past Friday when we explored my life.  Afterwards, I started thinking about possible parallels between that life and this one. Yes, there are some! One other thing–my breathing has been quite good since last Friday… Releasing that past life memory, though, made me feel so much lighter and the feeling has remained since then. It will be interesting to see how things go in the weeks ahead!

Thanks once again for all your help!”

Sue G.

Library Director

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with LuAnn….it was one of the best gifts I gave to myself. LuAnn is a wonderful mentor and teacher who is full of knowledge and wisdom. I gratefully appreciate the loving support and fun times we shared.”

Lori A.

Business Owner

“It was great having you out to the farm today. I’m feeling very glad and grateful that we were able to change the energy of the house to one of openness and inviting in the newness of my family.

I felt the different levels of energy every bit as much as the house did. “

Mary S.

Business Owner

I would love if we could keep in touch!



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