Wear The Energy of Your Intentions

What we wear can influence how we feel. 

Rocks and stones, crystals and metals have long held energy that can empower the wearer. Ancient peoples believed the in the power of stones to help protect and empower. As a Fashion feng shui practitioner, she also know that wearing empowerment jewelry or protective talisman can make the difference you need in your day, especially those tough or really important days.

Currently, LuAnn has sourced some amazing crystal and stone jewelry that makes amazing talisman and empowerment pieces. These unique pieces are cleared and charged on the full moon, blessed with gratitude to the earth and gratitude to the makers. Then LuAnn sits with each piece and allows it to share it special properties to its wearer. She then names it and creates an information card of the message and energy it has. She then places it up for ‘adoption’.  You can find the most current pieces on Facebook.


You might wish to have a custom created bracelet, using faceted Czech beads and natural gemstone, and your specific intentions. For example, if you want to manifest LOVE in your life, the colors and gemstones and even numerology of beads will be chosen to enhance that energy, Goddess Oracle cards are pulled at the onset of the bracelets creation to know which goddess supports your intentions, and what message she has for you. Jewelry is created at the new moon or full moon based on the types of intentions. Essential oils, music, and focused prayer and intentions are all a part of the bracelets creation. Bracelets start at $88.  Contact LuAnn to request your custom piece!



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