Inner Harmony Graduates!

Course to be announced in early 2023. Please contact LuAnn to be on the wait list for this powerful and unique way  to heal homes.

These amazing beings are graduates with beautiful abilities who are actively welcoming clients!

“LuAnn is a wonderful Interior Alignment® teacher, not only because her knowledge and wisdom in the subject is second to none, but because she made it so simple for me to grasp, understand and then apply to my life.

Through working with LuAnn, my life has changed around in so many ways, and that was just in the first course!  I recommend LuAnn and Inner Harmony as the best place for your Interior Alignment® training!”

Terry Bowen

Soul Coaching Trainer,

” An awesome experience! Learned so much great info to use with clients. The property is beautiful and LuAnn was so knowledgeable and inspiring! So thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of that class!”
Ruth Shellhouse

Rewilding the Soul

“LuAnn has an amazing ability to create magical environments, where she shares her vast knowledge and experience in fun and easy to understand ways. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every class I’ve taken with her! “

Felicia Messina D'Haiti

Master Teacher of Interior Alignment, Soul Coaching Trainer, Soul Transformtions

“As a city girl this experience was a life changer for me. I see and connect to nature so differently now. Thanks to you and thanks to the Forest at Inner Harmony!”
Catalina Powell


"Being a founding member of the Enchanted Living Community has enriched my life in so many ways. LuAnn creates a sense of belonging, not only to ourselves but to each other. The warm community spirit continues to strengthen as time has evolved and each week shared is sacred. If you are seeking to continue your learning and healing journey in earth based spirituality within a beautiful circle of empowerment, this is the tribe for you!"

Kerry Dalzotto

Owner, Sacred Wellness

Private Training

Private education and even certification is possible. if you don’t see a course on the calendar that fits your needs, please email LuAnn to discuss the possibilities