Community, Classes and More

Enchanted Living

Enchanted Living is the branch of Inner harmony that offers ongoing self enrichment and community support to assist you in creating your own enchanted life!


Enchanted Living Community

Connection and Growth

The Enchanted Living membership Community offers the opportunity to learn many fun, fascinating, powerful and life enriching topics. Each month we have a different focus with recorded weekly lectures. ( about 30 minutes in length).

Perhaps more importantly is the community aspect. We have weekly LIVE ZOOM events where we share, support, discuss, and mastermind. It is a safe and sacred circle. Even if you cannot attend the live events we have a private Facebook group that is active, vibrant and supportive.

Membership is only $44 a month with access to all previous recorded events. It’s a treasure trove of enchantment!


Dream Life Classes

Enchanted Life Enrichment

LuAnn occasionally offers live online workshops and events. When appropriate these are recorded and then offered as on demand classes.

The Dream Life series has in depth information for those looking to work on their own spaces or lives. They offer powerful information on feng shui, space clearing, color use, and stones and crystals. More series to come in the future.

Dream life courses have about 4 hours of video content to enjoy at your leisure. Classes are only $88. It’s a great way to dive into a topic that interests you!


"Being a founding member of the Enchanted Living Community has enriched my life in so many ways. LuAnn creates a sense of belonging, not only to ourselves but to each other. The warm community spirit continues to strengthen as time has evolved and each week shared is sacred. If you are seeking to continue your learning and healing journey in earth based spirituality within a beautiful circle of empowerment, this is the tribe for you!"

Kerry Dalzotto

Owner, Sacred Wellness


Marc and I were so impressed with you, not only as a feng shui consultant but also as a person with  generosity of spirit, and we were so happy to have you visit our home. We found the information you gave us both fascinating and empowering and are excited to begin manifesting your suggestions for this phase.

I was particularly touched by your suggestion about the shadowbox, paint sample chip mosaic, and crystal….As you can see, we are just getting started here, and are looking forward to more visits with you.  Meeting you feels like an answer to a prayer for me, it really does.

Best wishes and much gratitude.


– Cheryl