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      Feng Shui for 2023 powerpoint


      The workshop has three sections with handouts and addition that you can see in the information on the page, below the video

      Yin Year of Self Reflection:

      • Am I in balance with work and play?
      • Am I over scheduled?
      • Is something out of alignment in between my values and my lifestyle?
      • Do I have time for self?
      • Do I spend time cultivating intuition and wisdom?
      • How can I slow down and appreciate the little things?
      • How can I practice self-compassion on a deeper level?

      Yin Year of Nurturing Community

      • Do I practice compassion?
      • Do I need to mend fences? Build bridges?
      • Do I need to forgive?
      • Do I create kindness in my interactions with others?
      • Do I support and nurture the people closest to me?

      Yin Year of Seeding Hope

      • Do I practice Gratitude?
      • Do I leave room for Hope?
      • Do I practice positive affirmations?
      • Do I hold hopeful dreams of the future?
      • Do I surround myself with uplifting people?


      Part one: About the Lunar New year and Rabbit year

      The sign of Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture. Learn about the energy of the coming year, and how this year affects you personally by looking at your own Chinese animal birth sign. You will learn about the Lunar year cycle, based on the new and full moons, and be able to download a calendar of moon cycles to have as you plan your year. You will also have a calendar of 2023, to download, so that you can write the information you learn about each month on this calendar and use this as a guide to your year.

      Links for this section:

      Interactions for the year

      Then find the link for your animal sign. here is the example for the Rat year

      Hand out materials



      ConDownload and print this calendar of the moon cycles in 2023

      2023 Lunar Calendar


      Download the 2023 Rabbit Planner Calendar

      inner Harmony Year of the Rabbit Planner

      Want More about Chinese Astrology?

      Renae Jensen of Conscious Design Institute is a wonderful friend, and is offering a Chinese astrological class, with personalized charts. You can check this out here 

      Earthy Colors

      Part two: About the Rabbit year and Your Home

      This section we learn how to welcome in the energy of the new year, and sweep out the energy of the old(literally).  Learn about ancient traditions, and how you might integrate these beautifully into your life during the 2 week celebration of the new year. You will learn how to do a space clearing of your home prior to the new year.

      We also look at specific rooms in the home and their function and how they might need to be tweeked for 2023 to flow at it’s best for you!


      Fun Links:

      Color trends:


      Design trends



      Create Welcoming and Kind energy in your Home

      Part three: Case Studies and Live Questions and answers

      This portion of the class is taking examples of Chinese new year suggestions, as well as real life questions about challenges and goals for the year, and how you can shift your space to employ the magic of feng shui.


      I offer a few generic examples to assist you in looking at your home, and then a live client/student with her floorplan and whats going on in her life right now.


      If you missed the live class and wish to have my personal recommendations on your space, I would love to assist for a super discounted price for a mini distance consultation, like I did with Meg.

      •  Draw your floorplan.
      • Think about what challenges you are having in life
      • Think about your goals for 2023

      We can set up a time to review this for a discounted $150 personal mini consultation. Please call me at 724-316-2428 or email me at to set up our time!


      Thank you for purchasing this course!

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