Date: October 25, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: ONLINE
Forest Therapy | Forest Therapy Certification

Become a Forest Therapy Practitioner!

If you have always loved nature, or believe in the power of nature to heal, this course will give you even more tools for connecting with nature, and also holding power events for others.

This is an excellent additional certification for feng shui practitioners, space clearing practitioners, coaches, therapists, trainers, health care providers and even human resource personal.

This unique course allows you to experience forest bathing and it’s benefits yourself. Then you learn the science behind it, and how to structure powerful experience to meet your needs or the needs of your clients.

Live Weekly Classes on ZOOM  Beginning October 25, 2022 Professional Certification course:  LEVEL 1

This online intensive program includes recorded lectures, reading materials, and instructions for taking yourself on Forest Therapy experience.  With over 50 hours of programming, you can take this course at your own pace.

You will receive:

  • The Digital Forest Therapy Practitioner workbook to download and use for your course
  • 18 Audio lessons, including a recorded forest therapy session for you to download and use to create your own self guided experience.
  • Six  1-hour ZOOM classes with LuAnn and your fellow forest therapy students. Classes will be recorded and available if you cannot make the live session.
  • Access to previous Forest Therapy Lectures to enhance your depth of knowledge
  • List of Resources to continue your learning
  • Access to Private Facebook group for Forest Therapy Practitioner to connect and share

This program will take you through the Forest Therapy program. Certification required actually during forest therapy practice on your own and with others as homework. You may not be able to complete all assignments during the duration of the course, but you have 1 year to complete and receive your certification. And, even if you are not looking for certification you can just learn this information for your own enjoyment.

To gain your certifications, you complete and email your assignments to LuAnn for feedback, and then create 4 Forest Therapy sessions that you lead others on, and report back on the experience. You will graduate with your certification when all assignments and experiences completed.

Your Certificate will be mailed to you.

Tuition: $888

Includes a digital version of the Enchanted Living™ Forest Therapy manual.  Your tuition does not include a short list of additional reference books to purchase (so that you have the option to purchase hard copy or digital).

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