Start date: September 6, 2024
End date: October 11, 2024
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: ONLINE
House Acupuncture | House Acupuncture Certification

House Acupuncture: Vibrational Space Clearing for Your Home

This powerful 6 week LIVE program will step you into the practice of Space Clearing, and then specifically how to use the power of sound in clearing the actual Being that is in the Home. While we think about the space within the home in clearing, often times we don’t focus on the energy of trauma that is being held within the body of the home itself. It works on understanding that the home has its own points and places that need the energy released, just as how acupuncture works to release energy in the human body.

This course has 6 LIVE hour long sessions, 10 recorded videos on specific practices, tools, and demonstration, and also a practitioner manual for you to download and use for your studies and for your work as a practitioner. The live sessions will also be recorded if you cannot make the actual class and available for you to enjoy at your leisure.

This course takes you into the energy of stepping into space clearing practitioner. You will be using shamanic meditations and other methods to connect to the energy of the home and the land. You will learn ways to work with your clients, using trauma informed practices, and also how to honorably work with the being that is the home, and also the guardians of the land. You will also learn how to work with your own guides and guardians in your space clearing practice.

The sound tools used will be discussed in which work best on various form of home trauma, as well as what is best for calling in the energy needed by the clients and the home. This will include drums, rattles, rainsticks, as well and bells, metal bowls, chimes, crystal singing bowls and tuning forks. We will discuss the tones associated with the chakras, how chakras can related to the bagua, and also how to work with binaural tones, and solfeggio tones in your clearing practices.

To graduate and be listed as a House Acupuncture practitioner, you will need to complete and turn in all homework assignments, watch all video content, read the practitioner manual, and have done 3 House Acupuncture sessions.

Live class times will be Fridays from 4-5 pm ET.  Classes will be recorded and available for later viewing. Class size is limited to allow for individual questions and connection!

Tuition price is $888