Soul Coaching®Certification – ONLINE with LuAnn and Meadow Linn

Soul Coaching®Certification – ONLINE with LuAnn and Meadow Linn

Start date: April 6, 2024
End date: April 10, 2024
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: ONLINE
Soul Coaching Certification® | Soul Coaching®

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of others?

Are you looking to make a career change?

Have you always enjoyed helping others find their own answers?

If you answered “yes,” then the Soul Coaching® Practitioner Certification Training is for you!

For the first time ever, LuAnn Cibik and Meadow Linn are teaming up to offer this rare opportunity to do the Soul Coaching® training with them online. Join us for this in-depth 9-month training to become a certified Soul Coaching® practitioner that also promises to be life-changing.

Soul Coaching® was created by Denise Linn and continues to be one of her most successful and popular offerings. It’s a remarkable pathway that allows you to “hear” the yearnings of your soul. It helps you align your inner life with your outer life. Soul Coaching® is a system that helps you clear away mental, emotional, and physical clutter so you can hear the secret messages from within. It also helps you discover your true purpose to design a life that supports that mission.

In Soul Coaching® you do in-depth clearing and cleansing of the different aspects of your life: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. By following the practical, carefully crafted steps, you’ll uncover your authentic self. If not now, when?

Soul Coaching® is for you if you want to know:
• Who you are
• Why you’re here
• What your mission is

Soul Coaching® is also for you if you’re ready to start:
• Putting your needs before everyone else’s
• Living life at a peaceful, moderate pace
• Loving yourself

By harnessing the energy of the elements of nature: Air (mental), Water (emotional), Fire (spiritual), and Earth (physical), this program allows you to clear away old blockages so that you can truly begin to hear the secret messages of your soul.

Soul Coaching® is a 28-Day program. In this professional certification training, you learn how to take your own clients and students through this powerful 28-Day program. You will also gain the tools to do one-on-one coaching and set up your own workshops that use the carefully crafted Soul Coaching® curriculum.

This is a professional certification program that will change your life forever!

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