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Sources for the objects I shared during the video


Just playing music, espcially healing music, in your home can create a new energy vibration

I love playing this one on my smart tv ( which can play Youtube videos). But you could probably use your Alexa, or computer or phone to let this music resonate through your home.



Hi ‘Be Free’ Friend!


I am delighted to have spent time with you during Denise and Meadow Linn’s Program! 

I wanted to share resources and other goodies with you that were mentioned in my programs. And, there was information I just couldn’t squeeze into the time ( I could talk about this stuff for weeks!… and do!)

There are sections here for each webinar:

Space Clearing, Forest Therapy and Feng Shui


Space Clearing With Sound


Steps for Space Clearing:

1. Preparation – choosing your tools based on what energy you want to call in, creating an intention altar to represent the life you want, and prepare your self with shifting your energy to feel like how you want your life to feel

2. Clear your space,

3. Offer your gratitude and then state your prayers/affirmations of how you wish your life to feel

4. Look for ways to preserve this new energy in your space. ( this includes energy from nature, and feng shui)


Sounds tool – a short list:

  • clapping
  • drumming
  • click sticks
  • rain sticks
  • rattles
  • metal singing bowls/gongs
  • bells
  • wind chimes
  • carillon bells
  • tuning forks
  • tingshas
  • hand metal drums and chimes
  • crystal bowls and practitioner bowls
  • crystal pyramids

NOTES / Chakras and Hz

While this seems like it should be an easy subject… it’s tricky, because instruments can be tuned using different Frequencies.

Solfeggio Tuning Fork Frequencies – Cheat Sheet

Solfeggio Hz



174 hz SKY:

Soul Purpose / Merkaba Meditation – Security and Love 


285 hz UT

Root Chakra / Vitality Courage / DNA healer Restoration and Tissue Repair

C note

396 hz RE:

Sacral Chakra / Creativity Relationship – Liberating Guilt and Fear, emotional release to turn grief into joy. Cleanses the feeling of guilt. 

D Note

417 hz MI:

Solar Plexus Chakra/ Balance Understanding –clear trauma and move forward with changes needed in your life. Your identity is strengthened

E Note

528 hz FA

Heart Chakra / Love Healing – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

This frequency is known as the love frequency. It removes negative energy and increases love and peace. It helps with increased energy, clarity of mind, creates deep inner peace, activates your imagination, better sleep, opens the heart to heal, decreases stress, increases awareness and clarity, activates spiritual enlightenment, and allows you operate for your highest and best good.


F Note

639 SOL

Throat Chakra / Willpower Communication – Connecting and Relationships Helps people with relationship problems whether with friends, family, partner, etc. It helps to promote understanding, tolerance and love, and brings together harmony, peace and joy even over distances.

G note

741 LA

Third Eye Chakra / Intuition Knowledge – Expression and Solving Problems

Remove blockages of self expression which help with emotional healing,and solving problems.

A note

852 XI

Crown Chakra / Guidance Spirituality –

Return to Spiritual Order. Promotes unconditional love, It increases awareness and spiritual experiences


B Note

963 LAND

Pituitary Chakra / Universal Connection – Communication with the Divine 

High B5


Forest Therapy

I would love to have you all join me on my land for Forest Therapy, but the next best things, is gifting you this audio journey for your to download and use to create your own Forest bathing session in your own local area.


To start, you will want to find the area that you will use for your session. It does not need to be larger, but should contain some trees or shrubs, some places to walk ( even a short distance) a place to sit, and also someplace you feel safe and relaxed. You will want to walk through this area ahead of time and be observant for any dangers, such as branches that could fall from a tree, poison ivy or even items on the ground like glass or nails.


Then gather the following and plan a hour or two for your Forest Bathing session.


  • Download the audio on this page if you don’t have cell service where your session will occur.
  • Water bottle and some nature inspires snacks like nuts and berries
  • A towel to sit on
  • A Journey and pen
  • An item like a 3 foot ribbon or a walking stick that you can use to mark the thresh hold or doorway into nature.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing


I hope you enjoy this guided Forest Therapy session.

If you would like to learn more, and perhaps even become a Practitioner, and lead others on journeys, I’m offering a discount of 25% off to the Be Free participants of my already discounted Forest Therapy certification program in 2023. Just let me know when you register that you are a Be Free member and I will send you a refund for the 25% … or you can email me for a special PayPal invoice with your discounted amount of tuition

You can learn more here on my Forest Therapy Practitioner Page



National Institutes of Health Link to information on the Effects of Forest Therapy



My Feng Shui for 2023 Class!! Yours for being on this Be Free journey! This course is $88 if purchased, but my gift to you!

Please enjoy!

More Resources you might enjoy:

Feng Shui for your

Authentic Self

With so much clutter cleared, hopefully what is left represents who your truly are, now and going into your future. Sometimes it can be hard to know who you are moving forward, when you have been so entrenched in the patterns of the past. I have created a little worksheet for you to use, in helping you define even more who that authentic YOU is, and then how to represent this in your home.

This year of the Rabbit is one to release the old, and plant the seeds for the year to come. It’s energy is one of gentleness and quick action. It’s also a year with an energy of social interactions, abundance and compassion.

As we chatted about in the video, this energy of social interaction can be best created as a template in your living room, dining room and entry way. While you can create the energy of your authentic self in all your spaces, you might look at those qualities that have to do with others be representing in the public areas of your home.


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House Acupuncture: Vibrational Space Clearing
How to clear trauma and other energy from your home!
This powerful 6 week LIVE ONLINE program will step you into the practice of Space Clearing, and then specifically how to use the power of sound in clearing the actual Being that is in the Home. While we think about the space within the home in clearing, often times we don’t focus on the energy of trauma that is being held within the body of the home itself. It works on understanding that the home has its own points and places that need the energy released, just as how acupuncture works to release energy in the human body.